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So Cal Patriots Mobilizing for Trump 2024

SO CAL Patriots! It’s time we re-mobilize and start working to reelect President Trump just as we did in 2016. Grassroots Patriot Power got him the win the first time and we can do lt again. (Plus, the win in 2020, but that’s for another discussion.) Join us at a volunteer recruitment and strategy meeting:

Sunday, April 16 - 1:00 -3:00 pm

El Dorado Park West-the stage

Long Beach, CA

(Long Beach south of Willow and east of Studebaker)

During the fun and informative presentations, you will:

• Learn how to be a neighborhood precinct organizer, especially for President Trump.

• Understand the differences between districts so you can support local America First candidates.

• Find out how you can run to fill local positions ln your city and county.

• Choose from many opportunities, which one matches your time and skill set.


Malcolm McGough

2016 CA Political Director for Trump

Rachel Gunther

2016 LA County Chair for Trump

Patriot Precincts Project, CA

Now is not the time to be lazy and resentful. It‘s time to take back America. President Trump can't do it alone. And he must win again in 2024.

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