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Do YOU want to make California CONSERVATIVE again?
Then YOU have come to the RIGHT place.
Become a Patriot Precinct Leader!

California Conservative Patriots are motivated and more determined than ever to make our state and country stronger by:

  • Developing our conservative neighborhood Strongholds through active involvement

  • Supporting the America First movement of President Trump

  • Electing Conservative, Trump endorsed candidates who represent our values

  • Fixing the voter and election process to ensure fair, transparent elections

  • Reaching out to Conservatives in our neighborhoods

  • Educating our neighborhood Conservative so they can become Informed Voters

  • Bridging the disconnect existing between the Grassroot Patriots and the CA Republican Party


With President Trump’s leadership, we can create a unified Republican Party a reality. The Patriot Precinct Project has big plans to Fix it Together with your help!



NOW is the perfect time for Patriots to get active to save our country and our state. With some time and effort, block by block, WE can do it. We want to spread the word and bring you on Board ASAP!


  • Develop your neighborhood/precinct into a strong conservative Stronghold

  • Get to know, engage, and activate your Conservative Republican neighbors

  • Stop the communist legislation and policies coming from Sacramento and from your local leaders that impacts you and your family

  • Support the America First agenda of our true Republican Leader, PRESIDENT TRUMP

  • Identify and encourage quality Patriots to run for local and state government offices



We are Grassroots and GOP delegates, working together to rescue CA. As dedicated, no nonsense, conservative Trump Patriots, we understand street rallies are NOT enough. Volunteer Activation is needed to change our state, precinct by precinct. We must Strengthen the common sense, conservative presence in our neighborhoods and communities.


Currently, it is the most efficient way to communicate important action alerts. No junk or spam emails. Only relevant information will be sent like your Precinct Contact list.  This will keep our Patriot community organized and motivated to support Conservative causes and candidates.

“We are ONE Republican Party and we must unite to make it stronger”. President Trump



1. Find Your Precinct

  • Go to your County website. Using your home address, find your Precinct Number and Assembly District. While you’re at it, find your Congressional and Senate District as well.

  • For example, If you are in LA County, go to If in Orange County, go to


3. Meet your local Conservative Republican or DS Neighbors

  • With the Precinct List in hand, start with your own block. Find your local allies. Take your time. Introduce yourself as a fellow Conservative Republican in the neighborhood.

  • Give them your contact information immediately.

  • Start the conversation very casually…”I really want to meet like-ˇminded people in the area so we can support each other with community concerns”. Or more generally, “I really like your flag…or “Did your kids go to (neighborhood school)’…or “Did you hear…”


5. Create an online TELEGRAM App Account for your Patriot Precinct

  • Why Telegram? Because it is the most secure and effective way to stay in touch

  • This will be the first step to formalizing your group. With this tool you can communicate in real time, especially with urgent messages or action alerts.

  • By now, you will have identified your biggest supporter(s) in the neighborhood. They are the ones as excited and “ready to go’ as you are.

  • Start to delegate some of your tasks, like managing the Telegram account.


7. Expand and Invite

  • Help expand this effort by telling Patriots in other Precincts about the website and how to GET STARTED.  website:

  • Share the website and Telegram link to as many Patriot Groups you know and encounter.


8. Register your Precinct on our website. 

  • Email us your Precinct Leader Contact Info, Precinct #, and Telegram Group link.

  • This allows us to support your Precinct with networking resources and to streamline any urgent communication. Organization is Key to our effort in Making California Conservative Again!

  • website:


2. Get a copy of your Precinct / Walk List

  • Go to your County website and find your Assembly District # and the committee already in place

  • Politely ask your Assembly Chair for a copy of your Precinct “walk” List. Inform them politely that you are a Volunteer and ready to work your Precincts.

  • OR, request P3 for an updated copy of your precinct walk list by signing and submitting their NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement/Confidential Agreement

  • Educate yourself. Learn the meaning of the important symbols and codes on the Precinct list. For example: R (Republican), DS (Decline to State), NPP (No Party Preference), D (Democrat)

  • See #6 below and familiarize yourself with the structure of the State and County party. You are the INFORMED Republican face of your Precinct. As first GOP point of contact, Know your stuff!


4. Develop a Relationship with your Conservative Republican neighbors

  • Republicans like knowing they are NOT alone in the neighborhood. Encourage them to communicate with you regarding their concerns and interests. Be a sounding board.

  • When you have established familiarity with your neighbors, host regular get togethers at your supporter’s houses, at the park, at a local eatery, etc. Go to city council, school board meetings together.

  • Be on the look out for that potential candidate.

  • Make certain you have EVERYONE’s contact data.

  • Be consistent and Make it FUN!


6. Unite your Voice (VOTE)

  • As the Patriot Precinct Leader, please stay informed on the state of your city and county.

  • Be aware of who your City Council members are, especially your City District.

  • Learn who your State Representatives are: Assembly, Senate, Congress

  • And if you have children, knowing who your School Board members are is critical.

  • But most importantly, be aware of the urgent issues of your neighborhood and city, particularly laws that directly affect you and your neighbors.

  • During Election cycles, review candidate platforms and UNITE. Support the conservative candidate.

  • Vocally support your conservative advocacies by attending City Council meetings regularly. Encourage your Precinct patriots to join you.

  • Encourage fellow Patriots to Run for office.



  • The Events page will have event flyers and announcements related to training and other pertinent meetings or events.

  • Key Initiatives and ACTION Items such as Election Integrity, Voter Registration, Recall Action Support, Candidate Recruitment, Initiatives and Recommendations, will be posted on this page.



As a Patriot Republican Volunteer, you can fulfill more than one responsibility. You can not only be an active Precinct Leader, you can also be appointed or elected to become part of YOUR Assembly District Committee. Or You can choose to be one or the other.

You can run for one of the 7 elected positions in your Assembly District every four years during the Presidential primary.  In LA County, each Assembly District requires 7 Members (elected positions) and 7 Alternates (appointed). Any volunteer can also apply or be appointed as an Associate Member, which allows you to attend monthly AD meetings without voting privileges. Some Counties may have different number of Committee member requirements.

An AD member is voted for by the Republican voters in their Assembly District. They can also be Appointed by the Chair of that Assembly District. If there is 4 or more, but less than 7 current members, If the AD Chair can appoint you to become a Member to fill the remaining vacant seats.  If there is less than 4 current members in the AD, the County chair  can appoint you to fill the vacant seats.  You must go through an application and possibly an interview process. *See the application form in the Forms page coming soon.

Typically most appointees are known to or familiar to the AD Committee. In cases where there are multiple vacancies and the Committee is effectively non-ˇactive, the AD Chair can take applications from interested parties with recommendations, and can appoint new Members for their Assembly District. All District Committee members must attend monthly AD meetings for strategy and policy making.

Each Member then becomes a voting member of the County Party. Members can attend the monthly County Central Committee meetings. The County Party have their own Central Committee consisting of the Executive Board (Chairman, 1st/2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.).

Another way for a Patriot to become an active committee member of their AD is to run for state office. The requirements for running can be found on the Secretary of State website.  Whether you win or lose your race, you will automatically become a member called an "ex officio".  As such, you are able to appoint others to the committee, should there be vacancies.  The need to fill these AD committee positions is URGENT.  Without an active AD committee, the Republican voters in that district have no local or state representation.

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Get Ready To Become A Part Of A Huge Movement Of Patriots involved in  the CAGOP! 

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