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Why Get Involved?



What is a Precinct Leader/Captain?

A GOP Precinct Leader/Captain is a Volunteer who undertakes the leadership of their neighborhood.

A Precinct Leader IS a PARTY INFLUENCER:

  • Is typically appointed by the Chair of their Assembly District or AD Precinct committee.

  • Represents 500+ voters in their neighborhoods, creating a strong voice within the party.  They get the attention of not only local elected officials, but also county and state.

  • Influences county and state leadership

  • Is the first direct contact point for fellow Conservatives in the neighborhood

  • Educates neighbors on issues and on candidates with Republican Conservative values (e.g. low taxes, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, law and order, and a strong national defense)

  • Is a source of "REAL" information for their precinct on anything Republican and dispel any misinformation.

  • Organizes Voter Registration Drives, Voter Information / Education, Candidate Recruitments, Election Integrity, etc. They do this by bonding with their like-minded neighbors and creating relationships with them.

  • Makes sure that our side gets to the poll and GOTV (Get Out the Vote) so more Conservatives candidates are elected.

  • Can run for office themselves, with a solid supporting base

  • The Precinct Leader is the Conservative GOP Go To person in the neighborhood.

2022 Key Initiatives and Action Items:

A Precinct Leader is an Active Player in all levels of local, state, and federal caucuses and conventions. You can have a tremendous influence on the adoption of the Party platform, policies, support of or opposition to issues, and candidate selection. Be a Patriot Precinct Leader!

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  1. Educate your fellow Republican neighbors about current state initiatives, advocacies and campaigns. EX: Recall GASCON effort in LA County; upcoming special election for Governor, etc. Organize signing events in your neighborhood. Voter Education is key.

  2. Election Integrity. Find out how you can become a poll watcher for the next election or voting booth election worker. Find out whether the voter rolls are current with resident addresses, deaths, etc. in your precinct. Report your data to Election Integrity Project.

  3. Assembly District Vacancies. If your AD has committee positions that are vacant, apply to fill the position. Each AD must have between 5 to 7 committee members and 5 to 7 Alternates. If full, be an Associate Member (non- voting) and attend meetings regularly.

  4. Candidate Recruitment. Look for vacancies in the School Board, City Council, Utilities Commission, etc. and consider running for these positions or find someone who will. If the current state representatives (Assembly, Senate, Congress) have FAILING policies, run for the office yourself or encourage qualified Conservatives to do so. 

  5. GOTV and Voter Registration Drives. Get your neighbors to register and re-register voters. Do DMV Voter drives. Be proactive and get your neighbors to the polls to VOTE!   

  6. Local Issues Advocacies. Execute a Calling campaign to decision makers who are forcing harmful policies on to our communities and our families. Attend city council meetings and demand answers and change.  Question, Question, Question! 

***SPECIAL FOR 2022:***​

  • The RECALL GASCON campaign for Los Angeles county only.  This is also another talking point for your precinct operation.  Remember to bring many petitions for your neighbors to sign.

  • Candidate Support. for Midterms 2022.  As candidates for state and federal offices file for their campaigns, Patriot Precincts Project will provide its members with suggestions on who to support, based on the conservative agenda of the candidate. We Republicans must take back Congress and Senate.

  • Consider running for local office. There is no better time to explore this very viable opportunity.  

  • School Choice is another critical initiative that we must support and create significant awareness for. Sign the petition as well as help collect signatures.  

  • Election Integrity remains high on our priority list especially with the 2022 midterms.  

Be A Patriot Leader


Get more information about becoming a PRECINCT LEADER or find other ways to get involved.

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